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Yusuf is many things to many people. He is an Artist, Poet, Writer, Author, Trainer, Dad, Adopter and Foster carer,  who spent the first 18 years of his life in the harsh environs of children’s institutions.


Here he was taught the lessons of shame, rejection, fear, silence & retribution...Remarkably not only did he survive, he thrived.

As a storyteller he uses his art and poetry to voice and explore the emotions he was unable to voice as a child. "It’s been painful, but honest, reflecting a world that is talked about, just not fully understood & where those that grow up in it know that something isn’t right, yet often remain unheard & unable to do anything about it"

He uses his combined experiences as an artist and a child of the state, to inform and share with those who genuinely want to improve and sustain better outcomes for those who never chose their start in life.

He stresses it's not about making a difference, it's about being the difference which is much more personal, less aspirational and probably more doable