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Taking Back Our Narrative

A collaborative workshop aimed at care experienced young people, discovering their own creativity, developing creative connections with their peers to explore their narratives, and create a powerful expression of their collective journey through verse & spoken word.


No Man Is an Island

This training workshop is to support care providers, care givers and significant adults in preparing children and young people with their journey into adulthood. It takes a creative approach to exploring personal narratives and developing the insights needed to be the difference.


Reclaiming Our Narrative

A collaborative creative workshop aimed at care experienced adults and care givers, exploring the negativity of the past, dispelling the myths, speaking their truth out loud, and knowing this does not define who they are today and who they are capable of becoming.

I WAS Poster Image.png

I was, I Am, I Will Be!

As a group we discuss the writing process, how writing can be beneficial in speaking the unspoken and communicating the messages we think but never say. In this we explore using writing as a creative outlet and develop insight that we can take back the power of our stories, our truths; we can choose what we want to share of ourselves and when.


Letters To The Little People Cover.png

Letters to the Little People

A workshop that encourages analysis and reflective discussions upon the personal narratives that we share through the medium of verse. Connecting with the narratives and each other, developing insight through both individual and collaborative creativity, and discovering how both these narratives and the reflections and insights made, resonate and are relevant to care providers, care givers and significant adults on both a personal and professional levels.

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