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Artifacts was developed and founded by Saira-Jayne Jones & Yusuf Paul McCormack, lived experience practitioners who have taken a creative approach to exploring and examining their time growing up in care. As artists, poets, presenters, trainers and consultants, with a passion for harnessing the power of lived experience; Artifacts share personal testimony and insights, draw upon reflections of experiences of adversity, trauma and hope, combined with creativity to support the personal and professional development of others.

Devastatingly, in January 2021 Yusuf Paul McCormack co-founder of Artifacts was taken suddenly by Covid-19. The insights & awareness that he created, and the gentle kindness and understanding he shared will not be lost. Yusuf Paul's messages will live on through Artifacts, through his words, his artwork, our shared threads of connectivity, and our determination and passion to #BeTheDifference in whatever way we are able.

As a child and young person who experienced adversity & trauma, became accommodated in the UK care system, and as an adult who has worked in, with and alongside this system, Saira-Jayne grew to recognise the value that could be shared through the insights, knowledge, perspectives, and understanding she has gained from lived experience; insights and reflections that she may bring to support present day and future practice.


Saira-Jayne also acknowledges the value in supporting and enabling individuals of all ages, who are care experienced or have experienced significant adversity, to explore, discover, unlock, develop and celebrate their own creativity; that they are not defined by their experiences and can be anything they strive to become.

Artifacts work is delivered in a number of ways, through guest speaking presentations, consultancy, art based exhibitions, poetry/verse led discussions, reflective conversations and through bespoke creative workshops and training packages; individually tailored to meet your needs.

Artifacts work with children, young people and adults, and the professionals and significant adults who may be supporting them. The reflective conversations, training and presentations cover a range of themes, which reflect the complexity and diversity of lived experience, the adversity that has been faced, challenges overcome and the perspectives, knowledge, understanding and insight’s developed along the way.

Artifacts...The Beginning
Co -Founders Saira-Jayne Jones & Yusuf Paul McCormack

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