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Saira-Jayne is an Artist, Poet, Qualified Social Worker, Trainer and Lived Experienced Practitioner, originally from Chelmsley Wood in Birmingham and now lives in Coventry.

Her work and the pieces she creates are heavily influenced by her identity as a female, disabled, lesbian, care experienced adult who grew up on council estates experiencing chaos, and by her journey through education and into the world of social work; including her passion for social justice and equality.


Creating poetry and visual art provides Saira with the platform and opportunity to amplify her inner voice, to share the unspoken, provoke thought, facilitate analysis, reflection and develop others understanding through her narrative. In sharing her experiences she offers insight, supporting individuals to explore their own experiences, discover and unleash their creativity and develop a greater depth of understanding for those who genuinely care and want to be the difference with those they engage with and work alongside.